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Oral Surgery

Dr. Kovitch is also an Oral Surgeon who is highly skilled in the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, other various dental extractions, bone grafts and oral pathology.


If you're between the ages of 15 and 21, it's a good idea to have a x-ray taken to determine if your wisdom teeth need to be removed before they cause any damage.  In most cases the jaw isn't large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth and they become impacted, grow sideways, emerge part of the way from the gum or remain trapped under the gum and bone causing discomfort and pain or even an infection under the gum.


Exposed roots?  No problem!  Dr. Kovitch also performs a procedure called tissue grafting.  Dr. Kovitch performs this procedure when there is root exposure causing pain and discomfort.  He uses a material called AlloDerm.  AlloDerm is a processed tissue that comes from donors who are extensively screened and tested.  This tissue is processed to remove all cells, leaving behind the regenerative collagen matrix.  Call today to find out more!


Dr. Kovitch also performs simple extractions if a tooth can not be saved.

Wisdom Teeth